Why this project ?

Everyone must realize that even the smallest gestures have a significant impact over time. This project aims to raise awareness of these small everyday gestures.

How the waste quantity is calculated ?

The amount of waste by category (eg amount of polluted water by a cigarette butt) comes either from research done on the internet or from measurements made directly (eg weight of a Nespresso capsule).

I think you are wrong with the calculated values, what to do ?

Calculations try to be closer to reality. Sometimes the sources found are not coherent and values very different. In this case, an average is calculated. The goal is to give an idea and not an exact value.

If you find an error, please send an email to

Will you add more actions and statistics ?

Yes, there are a lot of actions and statistics to add, they will be added soon.

I have an idea (actions or statistics), how can I propose it ?

You can send an email to

I want to delete my account, how to proceed ?

In order to delete your account, you can send an email to

Why do we need to register ?

The registration is required in order to follow the evolution of your efforts and calculate the weight of waste you avoided.. Please note the requested information to register are minimal (no phone number, birthdate, etc.). We are not interested in your personal information.